Funder and sponsors

BIG thank you to our funder and sponsors. This preliminary study has been made possible thanks to funding from Terre de Femmes. Three sponsors have contributied with valuable equipment. Thank you:

Vetek for the scale, it’s been used a lot!

Clas Ohlson for the thermometers and hot plate, super!

CoolStuff for the solar chargers!

If you want to contribute with funding or suitable equipment don’t hesitate to contact us. We are planning to launch an expanded soap project on the island of Lamu in July-August next year.


About apokalypslabotekthesoaplamu

AL is an innovation and design studio based in Malmö Sweden.
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2 Responses to Funder and sponsors

  1. Monique Wasted says:

    Great project! You mean July-August next year? Who is the man with the beard?

  2. Thanks Monique! Yes, July-August next year, we’ll change it right away ;).
    The man with the beard is Nils Viking, part time Lamu resident and long time architect and aid worker. He is a part of the project and with his wisdom, experience, contacts and great sense of humor he’s the best mentor we could ask for.

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